Zamen | زامن
The Upcoming Board Game Port 'Dark Future: Blood Red States' is Looking Better Than I Expected
It's been almost exactly a year since the first (and last time) we wrote about Auroch Digital's intention of bringing Games Workshop's Dark Future board game to digital, and on the occasion of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fest and Digital Assault (a celebration of everything Warhammer currently taking place in the UK ), I decided to check on Dark Future and see how the game is coming along. And I do have to say, Dark Future: Blood Red States is looking much prettier than I thought it would. The developers have been trying to breathe digital life into the art from the original board game manuals from the 80s, and the result is pretty good. The in-engine footage of the various (pretty bad-ass) vehicles looks very promising, though of course we'll have to wait to see how the end-product looks. But so far, so good.
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