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Maybe the MacBook Pro does need a touch screen
Lory Gil has been writing about Apple for half a decade, focusing on news, how-to, and product reviews. These days she's paying special attention to the Mac and to apps of all types. Follow her on Twitter @appaholikApple's latest laptop has a touch capacitive bar, which makes me just want to tap the MacBook Pro's screen, too. Maybe I do want a touch screen.When I first got my grubby little fingers on the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, I was immediately drawn to that tiny OLED screen that replaced the row of function keys. In addition to just typing away at my keyboard, I can now, also tap away at various tools that make interacting with apps easier.An unusual thing started happening to my brain as I used the Touch Bar more. I wanted to touch the screen, too. I'm not saying I felt like the MacBook Pro was missing a touch screen, I literally kept accidentally reaching up to touch the screen, as if I were working on my iPad Pro instead of my MacBook Pro, which led me to ponder: maybe Apple should make a touch screen laptop.
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