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Don't want internet providers to sell your browsing data? Use a VPN
While the FCC fought hard to keep your internet browsing data safe from third parties, it appears the United States government has other interests in mind. That said, your internet service provider (ISP) may soon begin selling your personal internet browsing data to third parties, putting your privacy at risk of exploitation. On the other hand, there's still a way you can protect yourself and your data. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will keep your internet browsing data hidden from your ISP, which in turn keeps it from being sold to third parties. At iDB, we've went on and on about why using a VPN is important and how to use one, so we will refer you to our post about this topic rather than repeat ourselves again, but we will share some important information in this piece about VPNs that you might find interesting if you have any desire to keep your data private from third parties.
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