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The 'King Rabbit' Level Creator is On Its Way Along with a New Winter-Themed Expansion
In June of last year, a phenomenal puzzle/action platformer named Furdemption [$2.99] took the App Store by storm. We loved it in our review, as did players in our community. It was easily one of the best games of 2015. Then in September, just over a year ago in fact, developer RareSloth announced that a level editor would be coming to Furdemption that would allow players to create and share levels forever and ever and ever! Well, due to various circumstances, that level editor got put on hold indefinitely in November. The silver lining was that in place of the editor, RareSloth instead would be bringing out a brand new sequel to Furdemption, called King Rabbit [Free], which launched back in March and, like the original, was simply fantastic. Well, things are coming full circle as today RareSloth has announced that the level editor is back on and heading to King Rabbit early next year.In addition to the re-announcement of the level editor, RareSloth has also unveiled a huge new expansion for King Rabbit featuring a whopping 64 new Winter-themed levels. Winter means ice, which means slipping and sliding and using fire to melt snow has been built into the puzzling aspects of the new levels. Here's a couple example .gifs of the new Winter levels in action.
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