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'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective' Has Risen from the Dead, Now Compatible on iOS 10
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [Free] has a particularly tragic past - and I'm not talking about the game's incredible storyline. Released in the twilight years of the DS, Ghost Trick received unanimous critical acclaim across the board, winning a wide variety of awards in 2011. However, the timing of the launch meant that Ghost Trick was not as successful commercially as it was with the critics - and even then, the game tended to live in the shadow of Shu Takumi's more popular Phoenix Wright series. I was a massive fan of the game on its original DS launch, so it was both incredibly surprising and infinitely awesome to see Capcom port it to iOS in 2012, and I can't recommend it more for its engrossing narrative and truly unique gameplay mechanics. Today, Ghost Trick has finally been updated with iOS 10 support, which is a fantastic excuse to replay the game if you were a fan, or try it out (the first two chapters are free) if you missed it first time around.
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