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Don't Buy a Surface Book Right Now
Do not buy Microsoft's Surface Book now. If you do, you will regret it.It's not that the Surface Book isn't a very good Windows 2-in-1. Released in 2015, every Surface Book lasts for 12 hours away from a charger. When battery life isn't a concern, you can completely detach the display from the body of the notebook and use it as a tablet. If battery life is a concern, but you still need a solid way to take written notes, you can flip the tablet portion of the laptop around and dock it with the keyboard. It works with Microsoft's Surface Pen and comes with Windows 10 installed.You shouldn't buy a Surface Book for a number of reasons, though. It doesn't support the latest drawing features, like tilt detection when writing. It isn't as sensitive to pressure with the Surface Pen as some other models. Unlike the Surface Studio and 2017 Surface Pro, you can't lay the Surface Dial on the Surface Book's screen to get more options for your programs.
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