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Rob's 10 Best Games of 2016 - Gotta Download 'Em All!
I've been following TouchArcade since the inception of the App Store back in 2008, and it's still somewhat surreal to see articles, reviews, and most importantly controversial hot-takes written by myself show up on the front page of the best mobile gaming website on the internet. I'm forever indebted to Eli, Jared and the crew for giving a relatively inexperienced university student the chance to write for the site and for making the last six months so enjoyable, as well as grateful to the community for reading and interacting with articles I've posted (and not pointing out too many grammatical errors along the way). However, the most fascinating part of becoming a games journalist is being able to experience one of the best calendar years for mobile gaming from a completely different perspective - having to discover and play new apps on my iPhone on a daily basis has given me an even greater understanding of the sheer strength of content that the platform has seen in 2016. After a lot of deliberation, here are the ten App Store releases that have been the most captivating and compelling over the past calendar year.
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