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No hardware Escape key on new MacBook Pros? Don't fret, macOS Sierra lets you remap the Escape action to a modifier key
After seeing the leaks for the upcoming MacBook Pro, many people have wondered how their workflows might be hindered by the removal of the hardware Escape key. While it's very likely that an Escape key will be able to be mapped to the OLED Magic Toolbar, macOS Sierra contains another handy provision for those of you who still prefer to use a dedicated hardware key.In macOS 10.12.1, Apple has added the option to remap the Escape key to a physical hardware button. This remapping functionality isn't new, in fact, back in March we walked you through how to remap modifier keys to make a Windows keyboard work better on a Mac.In previous versions of macOS, you could remap the Caps Lock, Control, Option, or Command keys. Each of these keys could be remapped with a Caps Lock, Control, Option, or Command action. There's been no Escape action, however, until the latest version of macOS, released yesterday. In macOS 10.12.1, you can now select an Escape action, and remap it to the Caps Lock, Control, Option, or Command keys.
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