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Easily make appointments with Revent, today's myAppFree deal
Revent is a Windows 10 app designed to make it easier to create multiple appointments in your Outlook Calendar. The app is also today's myAppFree Deal. Revent is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, and it creates templates in which you only fill in the subject, location and details of a reoccurring appointment once and then use the information as often as you need it. The app regularly costs $2.99, but with the help of today's myAppFree promotion you can pick up Revent free during the next 24 hours. Revent is an easy way to save yourself a little typing time, and with the myAppFree deal, it is also an easy way to save a few bucks. The layout with Revent is super simple. The primary display lists your templates and lets you create new appointment templates. Template fields include name, location, duration and details for the appointments. Once created, tapping on a template sends you to the Outlook Calendar, where you can set the date and time, then save the appointment.
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