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'New Star Soccer' Receives Its Biggest Update Yet, With a Complete Graphical Redesign and Much More
Soccer (or, as the majority of the world calls it, football) fills a rather large void in my life, and so any video game that tries to emulate The Beautiful Game will definitely be on my radar. While FIFA 17 may be the big event of the week, it's an update to a slightly smaller football simulator that has made me most excited over the past few days. The game, of course, is New Star Soccer [Free] - being one of the mainstays on my iPhone for years, the perpetual updates since its release on iOS back in 2012 have gone a long way to altering the experience, for better and for worse. While a transition to freemium threatened to spoil what was one of the most compulsive mobile games of recent memory, New Star Games managed to balance and improve the experience well enough that it still remains an enjoyable arcade soccer simulator in the App Store. Today, the developers have released their biggest update yet for New Star Soccer, and have provided a complete graphical facelift to bring the game firmly into 2016.
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