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Review: Iconic, the poor(er) man's version of the new Apple design book
Apple's publication of a $199/$299 design book raised quite a few eyebrows, some questioning the price, others considering it self-indulgent (especially given all the promo activity), yet others wondering whether this might be Jony Ive's swansongWe got a hands-on look at the book in a recent video, and I had my own look in the Regent Street Apple Store. My own view is that it's beautifully produced, but much as I like it, I'm not going to lay out that kind of cash on a coffee-table book. I'm just not in this market.However, if you love the idea of the book but not the price, there is an incredibly nice $67.50 alternative …Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation was first published in 2013. Created by Apple fan Jonathan Zufi, it tells the photographic story of the company's products from the Apple I in 1976 through to the iPad mini in 2012.Although an entirely unofficial exercise, the book boasts an enthusiastic foreword by Steve Wozniak.
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