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Apple to Unify Cloud Services Teams at Infinite Loop Campus
Once Apple moves its headquarters to Apple Campus 2, the company plans to unify its cloud services teams at the old Infinite Loop campus, reports Bloomberg. Currently, most cloud services are developed separately at rented out office parks. Bringing the teams together will hopefully improve growth, help minimize bugs, speed up product development, and fight competition from Google and Amazon. Of course, many Apple executives want to relocate their teams to the new campus being built. A committee of managers is working to reorganize Apple across its various spaces. Originally, Apple expected 13,000 employees to work at Apple Campus 2. That number is now said to increase by thousands and Apple is adjusting internal office space to account for the additional workers. Only management at a vice president level or higher will get a formal office at the new campus, said a source. Previously, senior directors were to get office space. Employees will find bench seating, long work tables, and open cubicle spaces at the location, potentially upsetting those who are used to quiet office environments. Bloomberg also reports that Apple is reorganizing its cloud computing resources, moving infrastructure onto a single, Apple made system. The platform is codenamed 'pie' and it gives the company more control and possibly faster load times. Apple has begun moving over parts of Siri, the iTunes Store, and Apple News to the new platform, one of the people said. Apple plans to move other services, including Maps, to its new system over the next few years. Apple has also developed an internal photo storage system dubbed McQueen to gradually end its reliance on Google and Amazon servers, the people said. More details at the link below... Read More
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