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How to use Portrait Mode on iPhone
Portrait Mode is an arty photo format added to the iOS Camera app as part of the iOS 10.1 update. It is currently available for the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, because it depends on those devices' twin-lens camera setup. Portrait Mode uses the twin-lens camera to create a much sought-after artistic depth effect, whereby the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. In photographic circles this effect is known as bokeh, and when done right it can look fantastic. In this article we explain how to use Portrait Mode on the twin-lens iPhones, and offer a few tips that will help you take better shots using this feature. We also cover Portrait Lighting, an additional set of preset lighting filters available within Portrait Mode on the iPhone X and 8 Plus. For related but more general advice, have a look at our iPhone photo tips and iOS tips
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