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'Magic Duels' Gets Kaladesh Set With 167 New Cards
We've talked in the past about how Magic Duels [Free] was a missed opportunity for Wizards since it failed to bring to mobile (and PC for that matter) a Hearthstone-like Magic equivalent, which is a real pity for fans of the most popular CCG. Still, despite its flaws Magic Duels is entertaining and has also kept up to pace with the release of Magic sets, which has been one of the most positive things about it. The latest update has added the Kaladesh set, the 72(!) Magic expansion and the first in the Kaladesh Block. The physical set will release September 30th, so mobile actually got it a couple of days early.The update adds 167 new unique cards from the Kaladesh set including Vehicles, artifacts and more, as well as a new story-driven campaign following the events of the Kaladesh Inventor's fair. And we're also getting 12 new cards sleeves and full art lands to make your decks prettier.
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