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The best TV streaming stick for under $50
A couple years ago, or maybe even last year, you might have been wondering which streaming video box to buy yourself or stuff in a holiday stocking. Now, streaming video sticks — the tiny, plug-and-play counterparts to larger boxes — are emerging as a viable alternative. They're being built with fast processors, they support voice control, and they even stream 4K video. According to one research firm, streaming video sticks accounted for half of streaming video player sales last year. There are really not a lot of reasons to get a box instead of a stick. More importantly, these tiny gadgets are cheap. For $50 or less, you can now get a legitimately good, pocketable streaming device with virtually all of the same apps or “channels” that the larger streaming boxes offer. Of course, sometimes you do get what you pay for: they might have annoyingly short power cords, or not even have a dedicated remote. They still get the job done. But there is one, $50-or-less streaming stick that stands out from the rest, and that's Amazon's Fire TV Stick.
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