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Facebook Messenger not loading on your Apple Watch? Try this…
Facebook Messenger users who try to set the app up on a new Apple Watch might find themselves plagued with problems loading the app. Similar problems affect Apple Watch users that aren't new, but rather have un-paired and reconfigured the device after troubleshooting problems with it. There appears to be a significant bug in the Facebook Messenger app, and while the direct cause of the issue is unknown, there's a quick fix for getting your Facebook Messenger conversations to load properly on your Apple Watch, and we'll show you how it's done it in this tutorial. What happens to many people when attempting to launch the Facebook Messenger app on your new or reset Apple Watch, so they'll get a solid black screen with the loading wheel, as shown above. No matter how many times you try to launch or refresh the app, you will continue to see the black screen and loading wheel. While the problem may not affect everyone, it does seem to affect a large group of Facebook Messenger users. This intermittent behavior may be why Facebook hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet; nevertheless, if you're one of the affected individuals, you've come to the right place.
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