Zamen | زامن
Do cookie pods mark the decline of society?
Apparently millenials hate to grocery shop and cook, or at least that's what The Atlantic tells me. So I wasn't surprised when I heard about the Juicero, which makes fresh juice from the equivalent of a Keurig pod, or the Flatev, an oven for creating tortillas from pods. Yes, pods are an entire economy, but today, I think we've gone too far. A cookie pod oven is being funded on Kickstarter. The ChiP (look at that capitalization) is a convection oven specifically designed for proprietary cookie pods. The oven can apparently sense the cookies' temperature and knows when to stop baking them. Users just have to scan their pod container through CHiP's app, and the oven will handle temperature, baking, and timing. The app and CHiP's speaker will let users know when the cookies are done.ChiP starts at $99 on Kickstarter but will eventually retail for $249. That's just for the machine. The pods will cost as low as $1.25 each, or as high as $2.25, depending on the dough type.
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