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YouTube's biggest star is testing his next show on Twitch
YouTube's biggest star is testing the waters over at Twitch. Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg announced to his YouTube channel of 54 million subscribers that he would start doing a weekly stream over at Twitch as part of Netglow — a brand he's “wanted to create.” The show, which premiered yesterday, is called Best Club and will air weekly. The announcement came at the end of a video on his YouTube channel called “YOUTUBEISOVERPARTY.” The first episode includes Kjellberg and YouTuber Brad Smith of World of Orange. The duo talks briefly about Netglow, a crowdsourced channel they hope will offer more content than just Best Club. When Kjellberg initially announced Netflow, he likened it to his work with Revelmode — his video network that produces original shows — and the Cringemas live stream. Kjellberg's Twitch show comes after ongoing controversy at YouTube. Companies like Starbucks, Walmart, and GM continue to yank ads from the platform, because Google can't ensure those ads won't appear next to hateful, offensive content. In YOUTUBEISOVERPARTY, Kjellberg called the response “so massively overblown.”
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