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Existing Apps That Added Support for Messages Saw 'Profound' Growth in iOS 10
After reporting a few weeks ago that the Messages App Store has grown to 1,650 applications, 75 percent of them sticker packs, Sensor Tower recently published another report detailing the download growth statistics for pre-existing apps that introduced Messages support in iOS 10. According to the research firm, the advantages of being an original presence in the Messages App Store during launch week had a "profound" effect on the surge of downloads for each app.Sticker-making app JibJab sits firmly atop the pile of apps looked at by Sensor Tower. Originally introduced in 2014, Apple advertised the app's new Messages-ready compatibility in the Messages App Store during iOS 10's launch, and JibJab subsequently saw a download growth of more than 1,500 percent the week of September 12, 2016, which Sensor Tower compared to two weeks prior, August 29, as a statistical baseline.The data accrued throughout the study uses the same parameters for each app. It should also be noted that Sensor Tower's measurements only took into account well-established apps that received more than 50,000 downloads for August and September, 2016.
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