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If you Love 80s Slasher Movies, You're Going to Love the Gory First Trailer for Upcoming 'Slayaway Camp'
If you grew up watching 80s slasher and horror movies like I did or simply enjoy that era, I have a great trailer for you to watch. Slayaway Camp, which we wrote about recently), is an upcoming puzzle game that is the brain child of PopCap's co-founder, Jason Kapalka, and of the creator of Cardinal Quest. Kapalka felt very limited at PopCap because he couldn't have truly graphic violence in a game like Bejeweled (although that's a very funny thought), so he decided to develop Slayaway Camp to bring extreme "gorror" to the puzzle genre. As you can see in the trailer below (and the mention of "Camp" in the title), Slayaway Camp tries to evoke movies such as Friday the 13th (personal favorite growing up), and I think it does a great job.
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