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Hands-on: Twelve South's Fermata headphone charging stand [Video]
This week Twelve South launched its new Fermata headphone charging stand. The stand, which is geared towards wireless headphones, features an integrated power cable to easily facilitate recharging. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough as we unbox, setup and showcase Fermata's features.The headlining feature of the $79.99 Fermata is its ability to recharge your wireless headphones, but the overall build quality of the stand isn't an afterthought. The stand, which is mostly composed of aluminum, features a generously weighted bottom base, and a 10-inch post that's strong enough not to wobble around. Also of importantce, the Fermata's support saddle is topped off with soft leather, which will help protect the headphones as they hang on the stand.The flexible rubber charging cable, which can be tucked inside of the Fermata's post when not in use, features a handy reversible micro-USB cable at the end. Yes, micro-USB might not sound like music to the ears of most Apple users, but it's what many wireless headphones, including the just-released Beats Solo3, use for charging. Thankfully, you don't have to dilly-dally with the micro-USB connection, because it's conveniently designed to be inserted in either direction.
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