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Speaker Volume Test: iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s [Video]
Apple has added a second speaker to the iPhone 7 for stereo sound, two times the audio output of the iPhone 6s, and increased dynamic range.In the video below we use a sound meter to compare the speaker volume of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s.We take the reading in three different ways. First, by placing the sound level meter directly under the Lightning port. Second, by placing the meter midway along the side of the device and third by placing the meter and iPhone in a glass enclosure. Getting an accurate sound level on the iPhone 7 is a little tricky as one speaker is positioned at the bottom of the device and the other is in the earpiece.A reading 10 dBA higher is about 2x as loud. We managed to read an 8.3 dBA increase when in the glass enclosure.Take a look at the video below! You may also want to check out this speaker volume comparison of the iPhone 2G through 6 Plus.
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