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Onion is a new tweak that simplifies the Control Center interface
Minimalists who love using their jailbreaks to shed off unnecessary layers of their iPhone and/or iPad's UI to leave a lighter footprint may find themselves liking a new free jailbreak tweak release called onion by candoizo.This tweak is designed to give Control Center both a simpler and sleeker look by removing one of the background layers from the interface.Shown above, you can see how the tweak removes the cloudier background and makes the glyphs appear to be “free-floating” in the Control Center interface. It rids the interface of the stark distinction between background and button, giving it a flatter look with an increased level of transparency.For what it's worth, onion even works nicely with the iOS 10 version of Noctis, so even if you're rocking a dark mode for Control Center, you'll see that onion still strips away that additional cloudy layer:
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