Zamen | زامن
I would totally use Magic Leap's augmented reality price-checker
Beyoncé may not care too much for Magic Leap's augmented reality headset, but years after I started reading the company's patent filings, I remain completely obsessed with them. They're usually quirky design fiction shoehorned into filings for light diffusion methods or something equally abstract, featuring coffee shops turning into jungles or gargoyles bursting out of your cereal box. But the latest patent, filed in June and published today, covers a system that seems so useful I'm surprised I don't remember seeing it already. It's a comparison shopping tool for augmented reality glasses, bringing up price comparisons and related products along supermarket aisles. As usual, this filing is supposed to be a blanket cover for lots of different potential applications, and Magic Leap isn't necessarily developing any of them. But the basic (and most compelling) iteration is that when you visit a physical store, your augmented reality headset will scan products you're looking at with a camera or RFID reader, then cross-reference them with offers from other merchants, and tell you if something is available cheaper somewhere else. It's like exploring a mall or comparison-shopping with your phone, but totally frictionless and without (as the filing mentions) feeling rude about checking prices directly in front of salespeople.
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