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MacBook Pro Diary: Real-life use reveals a few minor niggles, but I absolutely love it
Having got my maxed-out 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro set up yesterday, I've now been using it for a total of around 12 hours – so I'm calling this one my first real-life usage impressions.Impressions of the form factor will obviously vary depending on whether you're coming from a pre-Retina machine – as I was – or a later one. The new machine is smaller, slimmer and sleeker either way, but the difference is of course much more dramatic from a pre-2012 model. And in my case, I'm also moving from a 17-inch machine to a 15-inch one.For me, then, the form factor is in a completely different league. The base unit is much thinner, and the lid is almost unbelievably so. It's also significantly lighter. I said before that I think I may be able to switch from two Macs to just one. This one feels portable enough that having a separate MacBook Air now feels like overkill …But for all its slimness, it doesn't feel remotely flimsy: the build quality feels absolutely rock solid. It's so beautiful, I may baby it a little more than I generally do with my machines, but I don't have any concerns about its delicacy.The shiny new toysIt's fantastic having Touch ID on a Mac. I've wanted that ever since having it on an iPhone, and as soon as I had it on the iPad too, it had felt clunky not having it on the Mac also. Logging-in just by touching the power button is great, and likewise being able to do things like unlock notes by fingerprint – just as you do on iOS devices – feels long overdue.
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