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Chrome 57 hits Mac, Windows and Linux
Google yesterday released Chrome 57 for Mac, Windows and Linux. The release contains a number of fixes and improvements, as well as a bunch of improvements mostly focused on Android and Chrome OS devices. The browser brings a major feature for web developers: a new grid layout system allowing​ programmers to easily create web designs for a variety of screen sizes. On the iOS side, Google is currently testing a Safari-like Reading List feature for saving webpages for later. As previously mentioned, Chrome 57 expands malware protections on Mac while gaining a new badge in the URL bar to denote when you're on a secure chrome:// site, such as chrome://settings. Chrome 57 now supports the CSS Grid Layout specification which allows developers to arbitrarily place webpage elements on a grid with full control over element flow, sizing behavior and responsiveness. The specification relies on a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, as shown below, and is optimized for responsive user interface design.
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