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MacBook Pro Diary: Why the new model doesn't wow me, but I'm buying the most expensive one anyway
So, the wait is over and the new MacBook Pro is official. I said yesterday that what we knew then didn't seem quite enough to justify the ‘hello again' hype, and I hoped there might be a ‘one more thing' feature we hadn't heard about. Alas, there wasn't.I also held out just a tiny hope that perhaps the leaked image was a placeholder, and the bezels would be thinner in the real thing. That too wasn't to be.However, my late-2011 17-inch MacBook Pro was looking a little long in the tooth despite all its upgrades. The lack of Bluetooth LE, for example, meant no AirDrop and no Apple Watch unlock. Nothing major, and if I didn't write about Apple stuff for a living I might have held out another year, but I decided I really ought to have the latest and greatest machine even if if didn't wow me.And, to be honest, the new MacBook Pro doesn't …Don't misunderstand me: it looks like a very nice machine. I'm fully expecting to enjoy the smaller form factor and the new features – even if I will really miss the larger screen – but I'm not expecting to love it. It doesn't excite me the way I feel that a new generation ought to after four years of more-or-less stagnation.Let's start with the form-factor. It's a little lighter, but – in the case of the 15-inch – only down from 4.5 pounds to 4 pounds. It's 14% thinner with 20% less volume. I get Apple's excitement at the technical achievement these things represent, but I don't think it's a big deal from a user perspective. It's nothing that I expect to have any great impact either while carrying it or using it. At best, it's marginally more convenient to use on the seat-back table on a plane.
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