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August Doorbell Cam gains motion detection and video recording features
The latest update to the August Home app on iOS brings two new features to the August Doorbell Cam: motion detection and video recording. Adding the new features to Doorbell Cam (review) simply requires updating to the latest version of the iPhone app.Motion detection is free for all customers and can send you notifications when visitors are near Doorbell Cam even if they don't ring (like an intruder lurking around). You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor so you don't have too many alerts caused by animals or traffic too. In my testing, the motion detection actually plays a sound from the Doorbell Cam speaker too that emulates the sound of traffic (cars honking, an ice cream truck, etc.) to spook the intruder.Video recording is also new to Doorbell Cam, but this feature will require a paid subscription in the future. For now, all Doorbell Cam customers can take advantage of video recording for free during the public beta period. After the beta period, all current and future Doorbell Cam customers will have 30 days of access to video recording for free before a subscription is required. Timing and pricing are currently unannounced.
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