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Gmail will stop working on Windows XP and Vista on Chrome beginning next week
Getting people to keep up with the lates updates can be difficult. Just ask those still using Windows 7 even though it supposedly isn't as secure as its successors. Microsoft has been trying to push Windows 10 on users even if a loyal few have decided not to upgrade. For Google, the answer to getting people to update seems to be pulling support. The G Suite team announced that users using Google's Chrome browser version 53 or lower will no longer be supported by the company's email platform, Gmail. This means no more Gmail support specifically for Windows XP and Windows Vista users. That's because both of these were only supported up until last year when Chrome was at version 49. Once Microsoft pulled the plug on them in April and November respectively, Google did as well. What does this mean exactly? Gmail will still be accessible but no longer maintained for now. But that can become a problem very quickly, says Google.
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