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Halo Wars 2 preview: A stirring start to what could be an instant classic
Heretic! I admit, I'm not a diehard Halo fan, but the series has long been a staple of my gaming career. I have always played Halo games — it's almost a tradition in my household. Throwing Halo on Legendary with my brother, going split screen, and smashing Flood into fibrous chunks was a cornerstone of my teen years. Many classes were skipped to play Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Still, I never felt myself connecting to Halo on an emotional level like I have with other games. Sure, the series certainly has its moments, but Halo 5 in particular, felt pretty weak when it comes to the story. Cortana slipping into the malevolent evil A.I. trope was overly predictable, and the rivalry between Chief and Locke felt underexplored and underwhelming. Don't get me started on how dull I find the Prometheans. That's why I'm so excited for the direction Halo Wars 2 appears to be taking. Its first three campaign levels are more compelling and memorable than the entirety of Halo 5's campaign, and I can't wait to dig deeper in my Halo Wars 2 full review. Warning: This post contains minor spoilers related to Halo Wars 2's first three levels. See at Xbox Store
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