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Opinion: A budget-focused 12.9-inch iPad would be a compelling entertainment device
Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a fantastic entertainment device for content consumption. Videos are TV-sized, photos are highly detailed, and web pages fill the screen. But its $800+ price makes it hard to justify as a just-for-fun tablet. That could change if Apple applied the same strategy to the 12.9-inch iPad that it used on the new $329 9.7-inch iPad this week.The current iPad Pro is intentionally a high-end tablet. It has a specialized display that works with Apple Pencil, a Smart Connector for easily interfacing with special accessories, and the powerful A9X processor.That makes it require a higher price. The technology is over a year old now but it's still premium. That's why Apple left it out of the new $329 9.7-inch iPad.Using that same strategy, Apple could offer a 12.9-inch version of iPad Pro at a much lower cost. The difference between the 9.7-inch iPad ($329) and 9.7-inch iPad Pro ($599) is $270.Applying that same difference to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($799) and a theoretical 12.9-inch iPad without Pro features could bring it down to $529. That's still arguably pricey for a just-for-fun tablet, but the $200 premium for a 3.2-inch larger display is easy to understand.
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