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New Sea of Thieves trailer focuses on co-op play, watch it here
The latest “Inn-side Story" for Sea of Thieves has released, and this time it's taking an in-depth look at the game's co-op mechanics. Unlike many co-op games, Sea of Thieves has plenty of mechanics that seem like they just can't function properly if you don't have a crew of friends watching your back – this new video talks about why those mechanics are the way they are.When you're sailing your ship, for instance, not all of the information is available to any one crew member at any given time. For instance, when you're at the wheel, you don't have access to the map. It's up to another crew member to go down to the map and shout “we have to go north!" or something to that effect. Similarly, the one at the wheel is the only one who can really survey the seas. It's up to them to avoid hazards like rocks in shallow water.
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