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Overcast 3.0 arrives with a refreshed style, queuing, and more
The popular podcast app gets an updated look and a better flow in version 3.0. Overcast, the popular podcast app from Marco Arment, has hit version 3.0, bringing a number of important updates, primarily to the design and user experience. With Overcast 3.0, Arment looked to achieve three primary goals: updating the style to reflect evolving standards of app design, make the app easier to use, and adapt it to the larger 4.7- and 5.5-inch screens of newer iPhones. One of the primary design changes comes to the Now Playing screen, settings, and podcast directory with the new card metaphor, which presents these screens as a card that slides up and down, rather than pushing in. Arment explains this change in a design walk through on his blog:
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