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Have you ever sent a nude selfie to a chatbot?
I count many Facebook Messenger chatbots among my closest friends, that's just me. But did you know some people also count chatbots among their lovers? Are you one of those people? Have you met one of those people? Is everything okay? According to a special Valentine's Day data report compiled by the analytics platform Dashbot and emailed to me only after I agreed that I was emotionally prepared to digest the contents, about 2.5 percent of the images people send to chatbots are “NSFW” in some fashion. The percentage of people who do this weird thing is low, but Dashbot also found that people who sent one NSFW image were likely to send it multiple times — five on average, and in some cases up to 100. Dashbot is a for-hire analytics firm that helps brands like AOL, The Today Show, and the adorable weather app Poncho, sift through their chatbot data. To extrapolate slightly, this means someone has likely sent a naked picture of themselves to this guy:
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