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iFixit teardown of 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar finds hidden connector, maybe for SSD data rescue
iFixit has completed its third teardown of the new MacBook Pro models, following the entry-level and Touch Bar 13-inch units with the top-of-the-range 15-inch version. The tl;dr is that the machine's innards are almost identical to the 13-inch model.One interesting find, also present in the smaller version, is a ‘connector to nowhere': a port on the logic board that isn't connected to anything. Comments on the previous teardown speculate that this might be to pull data from the soldered-in SSD …Soldering the SSD chips to the logic board may make for more reliable connections and slimmer machines, but the decision does come with two obvious drawbacks. First, as discussed, you can't upgrade them. Second, if the logic board dies, so does your data.But if the speculation is correct, there may be a way for Apple to connect to intact SSD chips on an otherwise dead logic board to extract the data.
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