Zamen | زامن
Apple shares balloon-filled iPhone 7 ad showing off expressive iOS 10 Messages effect
Apple has just posted the latest iPhone 7 ad on their YouTube channel today, entitled ‘Balloons' for obvious reasons. The video follows a balloon throughout various scenes as it eventually finds it way to other balloons, and into someone's window. It's only clear at the end that the ad spot is for the iPhone 7 with the balloon tie-in promoting the new Messages features on iOS 10.At first glance the ad looks like a potential showcase for the iPhone 7's wide color gamut display, something that has been lauded as being record-breaking and one of the best performing displays ever tested. A bright red balloon journeys throughout different parts of the world, from a countryside home, to Iceland's iconic landscapes, to the cityscape of Chicago.The balloon eventually finds its way to other balloons in a mixture of Le Ballon rouge and the Sony José González – Heartbeats Bravia ad, we're soon following a parade of them throughout the city. The balloons eventually find their way into a woman's home as she receives a hand-drawn heart and a ‘Happy Birthday' message using iOS 10's balloons effect.
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