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AT&T beginning to pay $88M in refunds to customer affected by cramming scam
The Federal Trade Commission has today announced in a blog post that AT&T will soon start refunding more than $88 million to customers affected by unauthorized charges on their monthly bills.Back in 2014, AT&T reached a settlement with the FTC to pay out more than $80 million to affected subscribers, but only now are the carrier and government getting the ball rolling on those refunds.According to the announcement, some 2.7 million current and former AT&T sucbribers will be receiving refunds that total over $88 million from the FTC. Those affected should expect to receive, on average, about $31.Those still subscribed to AT&T service should see their refund show up on their bill sometime in the next 75 days, which accounts for 2.5 million of the total number of affected customers. The other 300,000 affected users are no longer AT&T customers and should expect a check in the mail.The issue, referred to as “mobile cramming,” centered around the fact that AT&T was tacking on monthly charges of $9.99 to customer bills for things like “horoscopes, ringtones, love tips, and fun facts” from third-party companies. Of those charges, AT&T was pocketing 35 percent.On its new Consumer-focused blog, the FTC breaks down the timeline of the case:
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