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MaskMe10 lets you mask notifications based on keywords or specific names
Privacy is a big concern for a number of people, and one of the things that can be considered an invasion of this simple right is when people look over your shoulder to see what and who you're texting. A new free jailbreak tweak called MaskMe10 by RIshanan gives you some peace of mind by providing you with masking options for your incoming message notifications. If from a first glance this tweak sounds similar to a recent release dubbed NotifyCensored, or if you're already thinking to yourself, “well iOS already does this out of the box,” then you may want to keep reading, because you will find that MaskMe10 works differently. This tweak lets you filter incoming message notifications from certain people or that contain certain keywords. If a message you receive meets either of the aforementioned criteria, then the tweak will mask your notification with any customized placeholder text you want. If it doesn't meet either of the criteria, then you'll see the notification as it was intended to be displayed in the first place. You can configure the tweak from the Settings app, where you'll find a new preferences pane dedicated strictly to MaskMe10's filtering options:
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