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Carnegie Mellon researchers hacked an LG smartwatch to turn it into a gesture device
A group of researchers from the Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out a way to turn an off-the-shelf smartwatch into more than just a notification system or a fitness tracker.By overclocking the accelerometer on an LG smartwatch, the researchers were able to capture and process bio-acoustic signals, turning a smartwatch into a gesture device, a data transmitter, and a high-fidelity activity tracker, all at the same time.What does all of that mean? In short, a smartwatch becomes a super-sensitive data receptor and transmitter. In a video the group posted on YouTube, you can see how the hacked smartwatch can pick up on even the smallest vibrations and audio signals of an electric toothbrush. This means the watch is also sensitive enough to recognize flicks, snaps, taps, and other gestures. You don't have to tap on the smartwatch's display; you can tap on your arm, and the smartwatch will interpret the signal. Wave your "smartwatched" hand in the air, and you can navigate the software on another connected device in front of you.
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