Zamen | زامن
Yogg-Saron RNG, Arena Bans, BatStone Bans, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in 'TouchStone' #65
Welcome to another weekly roundup of all things Hearthstone [Free]. This has been an interesting week with the release of the Arena bans and the continuous talk about the future of the game's competitive scene. I believe it's fair to say that the game is going through one of its most turbulent periods in terms of how people see it and how they see its future. Of course no one is saying that the game isn't popular and won't continue to be so, but there's definitely a general feeling that the game probably isn't where the developers and players would want it to currently. The good news is that pro players like Firebat are jumping in to offer solutions to the game's competitive issues. So, read on.
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