Zamen | زامن
Campus 2 drone footage coming in thick-and-fast as building nears completion
It's only a few days since the last drone flyover of the Apple Campus 2, but with the main building nearing completion and others coming along at a rapid pace, we can probably expect to see a whole flurry of these in the coming weeks.Unsurprisingly, there's nothing really new in this one versus the footage from just a few days ago, but it does take a lower and closer look at the main R&D building and underground auditorium.Window and solar installation is underway on Tantau Avenue following progress on the solar panels on the main spaceship building, and the video notes that the once-huge pyramid of dirt has almost completely disappeared as landscaping work progresses.So, don't expect to see anything new, but it does provide a few new angles. You can check out the video below.
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