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Niantic is working on its own wearables, which is why Apple Watch Pokemon Go app still hasn't shipped
Over the weekend we reported that developer Niantic had put its Apple Watch app development on hold and therefore likely wouldn't be making its previously promised end of the year deadline. Niantic attempted to shoot the story down with a vague tweet saying the app is coming soon, but it wouldn't confirm its promised end of year release date. While many were quick to take the tweet at face value, we're actually able to provide much deeper context…Niantic was stalling in part because early next month the company is planning to announce its own hardware product, a wrist wearable it appears to be licensing and branding for its games. That's why the Apple Watch app isn't out yet, according to our same sources familiar with the situation, and it's also why Niantic was seemingly giving out smoke screen statements and refusing to confirm delays. Here's an image of Niantic's hardware that it will first brand for its Ingress game when it announces the product next month:
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