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Google adds single-sign-on features in latest Android Wear 2.0 preview
Interest in smartwatches may have cooled quite a bit, but Google is plugging away on its Android Wear 2.0 platform, due to be released to the public early next year. Today, it is releasing a new developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 that adds a number of new features and restores some of the functionality that was in earlier versions of the platform. The most significant new feature is support for one-click Google sign in on the watch. In a blog post announcing the new feature, Google says that "users can tap a button on the watch that opens an authentication screen on the phone." The watch app can then authenticate a login with servers directly. This feature will be available on Android Wear for both iOS and Android. Other developer-focused features include in-app purchase support for Wear apps and the ability to promote a Wear app through the Play Store on other devices.
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