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Little Flocker is getting dumbed down for the good of all Mac users
When Jonathan Zdziarski announce he was joining Apple, Little Flocker fans wondered what would come of the Mac security tool. Turns out it's going to be easier to use. Securities and forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski is joining Apple's Security Engineering and Architecture team. That's great news for Apple, but what about his epic Mac protection tool, Little Flocker, which was quickly snatched up by F-Secure? F-Secure announced that it would rebrand the tool XFENCE and would launch it as a free beta program for the masses. In an interview, Sean Sullivan, F-Secure security advisor, told MacWorld that users who previously purchased Little Flocker will be able to receive free additional tools that will be locked behind a pay wall for everyone else. Sullivan told MacWorld that F-Secure's plan is to make Little Flocker (now XFENCE) "more accessible to a greater number of users." In its current form, Little Flocker requires an intimate knowledge of a Mac's operating system and is a little too complicated for the average user. MacWorld notes that XFENCE could allow users without administrative accounts the ability to use some security tools, and allow someone to customize the level of interaction needed for some notification tools.
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