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'Super Mario Run' - How to Find all the Secret Coins in Each Level
As is the case with most Mario games, Nintendo's Super Mario Run has a load of secret content in each level. The clearest evidence of this is in the game's use of secret coins, which are differently colored coins scattered across the map in typically out of the way (or hidden from sight) places. Super Mario Run keeps track of your collection of all these coins, and if you collect the full batch, the game will unlock another set of coins that are even harder to find. Earn these and you've demonstrated complete mastery over that level. While this guide doesn't go through the coin locations of specific levels (those will be coming soon), this guide will lay the foundation for any player looking to find coins with some general tips and tricks.Don't Look on the First RunThis may or may not seem obvious, but when you're going through a level for the first time, I highly recommend that you don't go in with the priority of finding all the secret coins. Instead, I'd recommend that you go through the first run on a level with the express purpose of making it out alive. In fact, if you're looking to achieve true mastery of a map, this is how I'd recommend you do it.Step 1: Play the level to complete it.Step 2: Play the level to streamline completion.Step 3: Play the level to discover all the coin locations.Step 4: Play the level to earn all the coins.
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