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Apple patent application hints at waterproof AirPods case capable of charging iPhone, Apple Watch
A patent application from Apple details the possibility of a future AirPods case design doubling as a wireless charging dock for the iPhone and Apple Watch. The patent was part of a dump of 250 Apple patent applications from the US Patent Office late last month and discovered by Patently Apple… The patent application depicts the AirPods charging case doubling as a charger for a variety of products, including the Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. For instance, you can see a slightly redesigned AirPods case in the graphic above below as an Apple Watch charger with an inductive pad on the back of the case. Apple's notes in the text of the patent application, however, that the inductive pad could be used to provide “wireless” charging to other devices. As usual, the patent application is overly broad, but it does list some interesting devices:
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