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Comment: No, iPhone 7 isn't exploding like the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7
I don't have any hard data on this, folks, but I have a hunch that the iPhone 7 does not combust in the same way that the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does. It's trendy in news to apply one attention-grabbing narrative to an unrelated story, but there's no evidence that suggests the iPhone 7 explodes in normal use like Samsung's recalled flagship – despite that virally burned up iPhone 7 image.For the sake of accuracy, I'm overly cautious about pushing a controversial headline without proper vetting ahead of time. Assume less and verify always even if it's a story about a new macOS developer beta being released.I'm also super skeptical about any dramatic headline I read unless there's proper sourcing. When 9to5Google published early reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones last month, I never would have guessed that the issue was as widespread as it proved to be.Then the story continued to drip, drip, drip and proved where there's smoke, there's fire. Note 7 phones were banned from planes, Samsung issued a voluntary recall, then the government said enough's enough and made it official. I'm back to skeptical when it comes to reports that new Note 7 phones are overheating (although now it wouldn't be as surprising) and I'm not sure what to make of explosive washing machinesBut I don't believe iPhone 7 customers have anything to worry about despite the headlines you might see this week. If the iPhone 7 had a serious defect that caused it to combust during charging or regular use, we'd know.
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