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Apple shares tips for using Portrait mode with iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras from pro photographers
Apple has shared some tips today on getting the most out of Portrait mode photos on the iPhone 7 Plus. Talking to photographers of various fields, each provides tips on how they're taking photos with the devices in their day-to-day lives and how the device has impressed them.According to Flickr's camera data, the iPhone 7 Plus is currently ranked #6 within the Apple cameras in the Flickr Community at over 5 million uploaded items. A quick skim through the images shows off some gorgeous photography the camera can achieve.While iOS does come with a built-in Tips app, it doesn't yet explain Portrait mode on iOS. The tips shared today by the photographers should help others understand the various capabilities the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus provides. Quotes from fashion and lifestyle, celebrity, travel, and wedding photographers help cover the gamut and possibilities of what can be achieved with the phone.
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