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Review: MIKOL's Nero Marquina Marble case adds a sophisticated touch to your iPhone
I don't know when it happened, but I recently became obsessed with accessorizing natural elements with the electronics I use in my day to day life. The idea of mixing something new and then something in its natural state just feels very compelling. My eye was eventually drawn to MIKOL's marble iPhone cases, and I decided to take a look and see if this really was a line I could continue down. Can a sophisticated take on a natural material really give the iPhone a more appealing aesthetic? More than that, is this niche desire worth it?MIKOL sent me their Nero Marquina Marble iPhone case a few weeks ago to test out on my iPhone 6. I love the idea of a simple iPhone case, that altogether is completely unique in its own way. Truly the only similarity this Nero Marquina case has to others is the plastic that surrounds the marble backing. Even then, each Nero Marquina case is unique and different from each other thanks to the unique properties of marble.The first impression I got when pulling this case out of it's deluxe packaging was that I wasn't truly sure if it was marble or not. The backing is eye-catching and looked sleek, but the plastic edges looked almost cheap in contrast to the rest of the case. Those familiar with the cold, hard feeling of a marble countertop could expect that the case would have similar properties, yet it doesn't. MIKOL addresses this on their site by candidly pointing out that we don't get the same sensations with this piece of marble on the case because of the fact that this marble has been thinned out to a sliver the thickness of a credit card. Thinner marble means there's less volume to maintain that cold-to-the-touch feeling.
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