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What's next for tvOS & Apple TV? How Apple's set-top box could upgrade your living room
The once ‘hobby' Apple TV has been gaining quite a bit of attention from Apple over the last year. tvOS 10 brought in a new Dark mode option for users system wide, while version 10.1 brought in the new TV app. With rumors of Apple integrating its own TV bundle service to the system coming and going, here are a few things that could be in the pipeline for Apple TV and tvOS. The lack of a hardware update last year may seem to suggest that the Apple TV isn't a priority for Apple, but software updates seen over the past year prove otherwise. With tvOS 10, Apple brought a dark mode look, smarter Siri search, a new Apple Music design, and control over HomeKit accessories. tvOS 10.1 saw Apple's release of its ‘TV' app unifying a range of providers. Apple is working on lots of original content and rumors of eventually doing a streaming service have persisted over the past year. The recent hire of former Amazon Fire TV Chief, Timothy D. Twerdahl, may point to Apple getting more serious about their living room box. As the Apple TV pushes past being a hobby accessory, let's take a look at how that will play out for Apple Music content and what happens next for the standalone service and Apple TV.
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